• Should GCSEs Get Harder?
    28th February 2012

    As Ofqual announces changes to four key GCSE subjects, intended to make exams tougher, we look at the reasons behind the decision and whether or not it will be effective.

  • ‘Soft’ Subjects on the Rise
    30th August 2011

    As the dust clears from this year’s bumper crop of GCSE results, more statistics come to light about the popularity of traditional academic subjects. Some trends are very surprising indeed…

  • Too Many Stars at GCSE?
    18th June 2011

    As examination board AQA unveils plans to introduce a new ‘super’ A* with distinction, we question the valididty and wisdom of introducing such levels of elitism to the academic system. Will they pick out the best and brightest students, or just those who are good at following the rules, and will they discriminate against state school pupils?

  • Custom Essays: Close Reference
    28th May 2011

    Our final Custom Essays blog tackles the common ‘close reference’ essay question. With top tips on content, format and structure, you will be glad to have this custom essay up your sleeve in the exam room! Good luck!

  • Custom Essays: ‘For and Against’
    20th May 2011

    In the latest of our ‘custom essays’ blog series, we bring you a custom essay format for those common ‘For and Against’ style essay questions. With tips on all you need to include and a carefully designed essay structure, arm yourself for typical exam questions in advance!

  • Custom Essays: ‘How does the Writer…?’
    13th May 2011

    Our third custom essay blog looks at the ideal essay format for answering ‘How does the writer…?’ style exam questions. We look at what information should be included and how it should be structured for top exam grades every time.

  • A-Level Exam Time May Change
    17th January 2011

    As the government considers changing the timing of A-level examinations to allow students to apply for university with their actual (rather than predicted) results, we consider the pros and cons of the new scheme, including claims that it would be beneficial for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • Exam essay techniques: planning under time pressure
    15th May 2010

    It’s that time of year again; exams are looming and revision is your highest priority. But don’t forget, just learning the facts isn’t enough to score you the high marks you deserve. It’s also crucial to spend some time brushing up your exam essay writing technique, to save valuable minutes when you are under time pressure and stop you from panicking when you get into the exam room.

  • girl taking revision notes unsplash image
    Essay exams: How to make revision notes
    15th April 2010

    It’s the time of year when students turn their attention to revision. But how can you produce effective revision sheets?

    Making revision notes seems to be something that causes many students concern. There’s no big mystery as to what should go into your notes. Also, there is no right way to make revision notes. Your revision note methods will depend on the subject matter and what you prefer.

  • Preparing to Write Essays in Exams
    12th April 2010

    Writing an essay in an exam is a different experience to producing one over the course of a term. You might have a three hour exam with four essay questions to answer and preparing for it needs some skill in effective preparation and good revision sheets. Here are some tips to help you prepare and then stay calm once you’re into the exam hall:-