gcse results

  • Should GCSEs Get Harder?
    28th February 2012

    As Ofqual announces changes to four key GCSE subjects, intended to make exams tougher, we look at the reasons behind the decision and whether or not it will be effective.

  • GCSE Gender Gap Widens
    25th August 2011

    As the gender gap in GCSE grades widens for yet another year in a row, we take a closer look at the figures and ask what causes could be behind the discrepancy.

  • Are girls smarter than boys?
    29th September 2010

    With all the furore over the ever improving A level and GCSE results, the questions raised about the purpose and efficacy of the new A* grade and the heated debate over the roles of teachers, students and examination boards in determining the level of results achieved, one surprising statistic seems to have been largely overlooked […]