• Should Schools Bring Back Corporal Punishment?
    16th September 2011

    A surprising survey this week revealed that almost half of parents and an astonishing number of pupils would like to see corporal punishment or caning brought back to the British classroom.

  • ‘Soft’ Subjects on the Rise
    30th August 2011

    As the dust clears from this year’s bumper crop of GCSE results, more statistics come to light about the popularity of traditional academic subjects. Some trends are very surprising indeed…

  • GCSE Gender Gap Widens
    25th August 2011

    As the gender gap in GCSE grades widens for yet another year in a row, we take a closer look at the figures and ask what causes could be behind the discrepancy.

  • Should Maths A-Level be Compulsory?
    09th August 2011

    Carol Vorderman has produced a report advising the government to make maths compulsory in all schools until the age of 18. We look at some of the recommendations of the report, and gauge the reaction from both supporters and critics.

  • elearning education
    The Pros and Cons of E-Learning and Education Technology
    05th August 2011

    With the new wave of education technology sweeping through our schools and colleges, we take a look at the pros and cons of the e-learning revolution.

  • Schools Scholarships Scheme
    23rd July 2011

    Simon Hughes, advocate for access to education, has recommended the government change its scholarship scheme to give schools, not universities, the right to award tuition fees scholarships in 2012. We look at the details and implications of the scheme.

  • Huge Gulf Revealed in Private: State Oxbridge Entry
    08th July 2011

    New figures this week revealed a shocking divide between pupils from private and state schools getting into the elite Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Is Oxbridge entry biased, or does the problem lie elsewhere in the education system?

  • Should School Children Stop Watching Music Videos?
    14th June 2011

    As media commentators battle it out over government plans to introduce age ratings for music videos, we explore the impact the music industry can have on children and their education.

  • Are Girls Naughtier Than Boys?
    22nd April 2011

    A new survey of teachers across the UK has revealed startling results about deteriorating classroom behaviour. We ask whether girls really are naughtier than boys, whether it impacts on their academic achievements, and why classroom behaviour seems to be going downhill at such a pace.

  • Free Schools: A blessing or a curse?
    20th November 2010

    As Michael Gove announces the award of ‘free school’ status to 25 new schools, we examine the proposed system and look at those arguing for and against its implementation. Will ‘free schools’ be a blessing for our society, giving parents greater control over their children’s education, or a curse, diverting important funds from state schools and allowing any organisations to set up schools indoctrinating children with their own ideology?