tuition fees

  • University Applications Statistics Revealed
    02nd February 2012

    Figures released by UCAS show the full extent of the impact of raised tuition fees on this year’s crop of university applications. We take a closer look at the numbers.

  • University Tuition Fees Commission Created
    30th January 2012

    A new tuition fees commission has been set up to investigate the effects of the new higher education funding scheme, paying particular attention to the impact on students from poorer backgrounds. Will Hutton will lead the commission.

  • Is Cambridge Defend Education Defensible?
    18th January 2012

    Cambridge Defend Education has divided opinion with its tuition fees protests, its occupations and its interruption of a speech by Universities Minister David Willetts. With respected Cambridge professors stepping into the ring, we look at the arguments both for and against the controversial group.

  • University Applications Remain Sluggish
    07th January 2012

    As the deadline for UCAS university applications approaches, tuition fees have deterred more than 20,000 UK students from applying this year. Some groups are far more severely affected than others, we reveal.

  • Will Tuition Fees Drive UK Students Abroad?
    19th December 2011

    Will soaring tuition fees drive the best and brightest UK pupils abroad for university? Top academis fear that UK universities might lose not only their best pupils but also their most talented researchers to positions abroad.

  • Alan Bennett Denounces Tuition Fees
    13th December 2011

    Great British playwright Alan Bennett has lamented the certain impact raised tuition fees will have on talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Bennett denounced the coalition government’s tuition fees scheme, saying that it will prevent talented writers like himself from working-class backgrounds from managing to reach university.

  • One Fifth of Universities Change Tuition Fees
    05th December 2011

    More bad news for university admissions this week, as last-minute tuition fees changes throw applicants into turmoil. Those who have already applied miss out on the chance to take advantage of lowered fees at 25 universities, while worrying evidence suggests that the lowered fees are a direct result of withdrawn bursary and scholarship funding.

  • Cambridge Students Force Willetts Out
    25th November 2011

    A dramatic confrontation took place at Cambridge University this week, where anti-tuition fees protesters confronted Universities Minister David Willetts during an organised lecture and forced him to leave the stage, abandoning his speech.

  • Willetts Defends Tuition Fees
    22nd November 2011

    As the tuition fees furore rages on and early figures indicate plunging numbers of university applicants, David Willetts has given an interview desperately attempting to defend his tuition fees policy. The results are far from convincing.

  • Tuition Fees Protesters Face Rubber Bullets
    08th November 2011

    Police have revealed that the potential use of rubber bullets has been approved against those marching in the protest against rising tuition fees this Wednesday. The move, which could be said to implicitly criminalise the legitimate act of protest and suggest that students and young people are more likely to be violent than adult protesters, has outraged politicians and human rights groups.