When looking at your essay, the marker will think about the following points.  If you consider these essay help tips while you are working on the essay you should be able to help yourself get a better grade

Writing tips: good structure

It’s sensible to spend time on an essay plan.  A well-structured essay makes it easier for the marker to understand your arguments.  It also shows that you have a clear and logical mind if you’ve set out your essay in an ordered fashion.  Plan the essay before you even start the reading.

Good essay foundation: wide reading

The marker is looking for evidence that you have read widely on the topic.  They will do this primarily by looking at your references and bibliography.  References are really important for this reason.  They show the marker how hard you have worked.  If you have read widely then demonstrate this by putting some time and effort into writing a good bibliography.  The marker will want to see that you have engaged with the material on the reading list as well as discovered some less well-known material by yourself.

Critical thinking

Don’t agree with everything you read. Each author will have their own point of view and they are trying their best to be persuasive.  This doesn’t mean you have to let them talk you round to their way of thinking!  What do you think?  Look at the facts, don’t just accept opinions.

Writing skills: quotations

You will be aware that you must avoid plagiarism.  However, don’t let this make you scared of using any quotations.  Use quote marks, and footnotes or endnotes effectively.  Choose interesting quotes that add something to the argument. If the quote is just ‘padding’ to fill up your word count then you are better off without it.

Essay help: layout

Type the essay neatly using just one side of the paper.  Most colleges will ask you to submit your essay with double spacing.  Pay attention to punctuation and spelling.

These are just a few points to help you consider with writing, reviewing and editing your essay to get a better grade.  Are there other tips that you think people would find helpful?